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QBG876 Fingerprint Reader

CPU: 144 MHz
Main Frequency: 1M Bits Flash Memory, 128KB for SRAM
Fingerprint Reader: Capacitor Collection
Fingerprint Image Size: 192 X 192 (pixel), 508DPI
Fingerprint Registration Capacity: Default 1000, Which Can Be Extended to 5000
False Identification Rate (fAR) < 0.001 %
Rejection Rate (fRR) < 0.1 %
The Fingerprint Template Size: 570 Byte
Security Level Settings: Level 1 to Level 5. the Default Value is Level 3
Processing Speed: Fingerprint Feature Extraction Time < 0.45 Seconds
Communication Interface: UART, 3.3 V-TTL Level or Usb Communication

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    • Multi-function design, which can independently complete fingerprint collection, fingerprint registration, fingerprint comparison and fingerprint search.
    • Scalable large capacity 1: N identification (5000 fingerprints, ungrouped identification, response time less than 2.5 seconds).
    • It can be easily embedded into the user system to form a fingerprint identification product to meet customer needs.
    • Compact styling is convenient to carry and store, it features low power consumption, universal interface and high reliability, it also easy to operate.
    • In the process of fingerprint identification, after the newly extracted fingerprint characteristic value is recognized successfully, the characteristic value is fused into the fingerprint database, so that users can use it more and more easily.

1. 360 degree automatic correction and identification function, press the correctly registered finger at any angle on the module, and the comparison can be passed.
2. Low false fingerprint rate: up to 0.0001%, low fingerprint rejection rate: up to 0.0001%.
3. It can be used for fingerprint access control machine, fingerprint root finder, fingerprint attendance machine, fingerprint storage cabinet, fingerprint car one-click start, fingerprint seal, fingerprint lock, fingerprint safe, fingerprint POS terminal, hospital case fingerprint management, intelligent control equipment, etc


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