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KL9-PHT Hospital Surgical Lights

5 Refelector -Long life lighting -Power Supply Voltage: 220V, 50Hz -Size of light filed: 160-220mm -LED Blub: 3.2V/1W

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DescriptionKL9-PHT (LED)
Supply Voltage220V±10%
Supply Frequency50HZ
Rated power of bulb3.2V/1W
Main FuseRT1-20 1.5A 250V
Performance Specification
DescriptionLED5 Lamp
Rated Illumination≥70,000lx
Color Temperature4800±300K
Mechanical Specification
Cross Arm turns around fixed seat360°
Lamp body turns around riser360°
Y-piece moves up and down38°
Y-piece turns left and right150°
Lamp body turns around Y-piece120°

Surgical Light Specialized balance configured for stable and reliable lamp body.

Streamline shape with low air damping coefficient makes it applicable to decontaminated operating room.
Well-judged illumination and color temperature offer excellent optical performance.

Lightweight materials used for manufacture of operating lamp ensure its portability and mobility.

With a hand grip easy to be sterilized, the fine tuning of light spot during operating will be aseptic.
Reliability of this apparatus enhanced due to each integral part has independent electric system.

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